• The Space for Challenge and Experience, Body Zone

    The space to build confidence and pro-actively take on the challenge of great change.


  • The Space for Training and Progress, Mind Zone

    Go beyond the physical training of taekwondo to explore the academic study of the sport to achieve harmony of the body and mind, which defines a true taekwondo practitioner.


  • The Space for Attainment and Self-realization, Spirit Zone

    The space to honor the spirit and philosophy of taekwondo grand masters and carry on the fundamental ideas of taekwondo.


Major Facilities of Taekwondowon

  • T1 Arena

    T1 Arena

    A professional space exclusively for taekwondo and the largest capacity of its kind in the world

  • Taekwondo Museum

    Taekwondo Museum

    It displays everything about taekwondo

  • Experience Center Yap!

    Experience Center Yap!

    A space for visitors to enjoy, experience, and raise interest in the taekwondo

  • Indoor Theater

    Indoor Theater

    A space for cultural performance located in T1 Areana